The Jupiter Paradox

Copyright 2013 by Hylton Smith

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Sincere thanks to Rhys J Smith for his creative contribution to this book.

Chapter 1

Cameron Rodriguez was deep in thought as to how he might outwit his Borg friend, known as Harley David. The immediate challenge was to extricate himself from the discovered check by the black queen, which the Borg had nonchalantly played while simultaneously running through the vessel’s maintenance programme aberrations.

Not everyone had a Cyborg buddy these days. The uprising of these entities in 2175 had almost eradicated humanity. They stopped short of deleting their creators, only after the remaining humans accepted that equality meant more than a mealy-mouthed scribble in some legal statute. It enshrined mutual respect and objectives. The present mission was intended to be a perfect example of how humans stood to gain from the cessation of hostility. They were simply far less capable of the rigorous task of surviving the increasing radiation levels on Earth.

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