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We had lots of fun at the parade and made our way back toward the house, stopping at a resort called McKenzie Landing on our lake. A couple more beers and we head home for supper; it is about 5:00 PM. Time get the food out, a large ham that the company I work for gave me at Christmas. I was sitting on the back deck with Dan when I decided to go out front to put a piece of wood on our outdoor wood boiler (even though it didn't need it with temperatures in the 70's). I walked through the house, took one step down (there is only four steps) missed the second and fell forward, putting my hands out to catch myself from hitting the ground, however, we had a fence with grapes growing nearby and my head hit the fence before I hit the ground. I could feel something happen in my neck, but it wasn't painful and I thought I might be OK. Then I could not move anything and I said to myself this is not good. A minute later Dan came out and found me lying on the ground and said “come on Randy get up”; he was going to try to help me. I said “don't touch me Dan this is real bad, call 911“. Shawn had already left for home but Nicole came out and she was the one to call 911. It seemed like I laid there forever, but it was only about fifteen minutes, which isn't too bad considering we are in the middle of nowhere, the ambulance arrived and my journey was about to begin as we were off to the Spooner Hospital.


I was born December 27th, 1954 in Watertown, South Dakota. My parents were William and Lorraine Kabrick. The most wonderful parents in the world. I was the third child of four, one older sister, Jackie, an older brother Dave and a younger sister Chris. There wasn't much work in Watertown so my father took a truck driving job in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So I grew up in North Minneapolis and graduated from Patrick Henry high school in 1972. I loved athletics and played some football and baseball.

After high school I was kind of lost, went to school some and worked some. I worked for the Minneapolis parks department. That is where I started working with kids and enjoyment of coaching. Finally in 1975 my sister Jackie got me to go back to school full time at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, which led to an Associate Degree in 1977.

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