King of the Djinn

Adult novels by Linds Davies

Nest of Vipers

Wilderness of Mirrors

Into the Fire

Something Wild

Final Settlement

These books are for adults, and your parents might enjoy them!

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Praise for Sea Djinn by Linda Davies

Media Comments

‘Dubai’s Harry Potter’ Emirates Today

‘A joyful fantasy.. steeped in the heritage of the region. Wonderful.’ Time Out Dubai

Time out Dubai chose Sea Djinn as the only children’s book in its Books of the Year 2007

‘A fine piece of prose.’ Friday Magazine

‘A fast-paced, beautifully descriptive adventure with just the right mixture of compelling characters, well-obserevd humour and pageturning excitement. The Arabian flavour is perfectly balanced so that the book will appeal to children in Dubai, Arabia and far beyond.’

‘The author has an amazing feel for words and puts it to effective use.’ Khaleej Times Reader comments

‘This exciting and innovative story opens the door to a new world. I loved it and look forward to reading Fire Djinn.’ Pauline, 14, English College

‘Sea Djinn is the best book ever! The characters are hysterical and it was fun reading about the same sea that we swim in. Can’t wait for Fire Djinn.’ Jay, 8, Dubai American Academy

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