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Hebrews: The Book of Better Things

By Bill Britton

Copyright 2012 Bill Britton Ministries

Smashwords Edition


This is an exposition of the book of Hebrews, the book of “better things”. We are going to go through this glorious book, chapter by chapter, and look at the realm of Sonship and the true church compared to the orders of the past. In order to get the most out of this message, get your Bible out now and read this book of Hebrews, paying special attention to the emphasis on “better things”. If you have an Amplified Bible, or any other translation, read it along, chapter by chapter, with King James.

In chapter one we find that Sonship is better than the angels. In chapter two it is a better dominion through a better gospel. Chapter three speaks of a better builder and a better house. In chapter four we hear of a better sabbath and a better high priest. It is in chapter five that we first hear of Melchisedec, a better priesthood. In chapter six we leave the basic principles and go on to better promises. Melchisedec again is spoken of in chapter seven, in relation to a better priesthood and a better testament (verse 22). In chapter eight we learn of a better tabernacle and a better covenant. In chapter nine it is better blood, a better sacrifice, and a better holy of holies. Chapter ten brings out a better day, and a new and living way through a better veil. It is a better faith in chapter eleven, and a better promise. Chapter twelve speaks of Sonship being a better relationship, and coming into a better kingdom. In chapter thirteen we conclude with a better altar, better sacrifices, and a better city.

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