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This book became necessary because of the weakness of the Jewish Christians in continuing to go along with the old temple worship, rites, and ceremonies. They still insisted on practicing circumcision, making the sacrificial offerings at the temple in Jerusalem, and trying to Christianize Judaism. But the new wine of Jesus Christ and His truth and life would not fit into the old order of Moses.

Thirty years after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus we still find the Jewish Christians following the law of Moses and the ceremonial ritualism of temple worship. Thirty years after the Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost, thousands of Spirit-filled priests and Jewish Christians were still engaged in the offering up of the Passover lamb and other blood sacrifices. The writer of Hebrews is trying to show them the glory of the reality in Christ Jesus, and the “better things” in the Gospel.

In Him ~ Bro. Bill Britton

Chapter 1

The book of Hebrews is “the book of better things”. The central theme of the entire book is to show how much better the new covenant of Christ is than the old covenant of Moses. With scriptural proof and strong logic, the writer of Hebrews proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, even to where the most orthodox scribe or pharisee cannot refute it, how much better the Gospel of Grace is than the Jewish Law.

Continually, throughout the book, we are faced with the truth that the old order is dead and ready for burial. God has replaced it with a new and living way that takes us, by the blood of Christ, through the veil, into the very presence of God where the law could never take us. This book was written because of the problem of Jewish Christians trying to mix the two orders, law and grace, and some even leaving the new order to go back to Moses’ law because of problems that arose in the early church.

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