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About The Author

Prologue. The Back Story of Joe Jackson’s Tori Amos interviews.

Chapter 1. The Little Earthquakes Interview 1992.

Chapter 2. The Under The Pink Review.

Chapter 3. The Under The Pink Interview (1) (Censored version).

Chapter 4. The Under The Pink Interview (2) (Extended).

Chapter 5. The Boys For Pele Interview.

Chapter 6. The Strange Little Girls Interview.

Epilogue ‘Bonus Track’: My Spirit Walk With Tori Amos.

About The Author

Joe Jackson is an author, journalist, and broadcaster. His books include Troubadours and Troublemakers (Ireland Now: A Culture Reclaimed) Boyzone, Our Story, Other Voices, Other Rooms, A Personal History of Folk Music, which he co-authored with singer Nanci Griffith, and David Norris: Trial By Media.

Jackson's articles and interviews have been published globally in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Humo. He has interviewed roughly 1,000 musicians, artists, and politicians and worked for Ireland’s most prestigious media outlets, such as RTE Radio 1, The Irish Times, and Sunday Independent.

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