It is four hundred years after the great disaster in which a huge asteroid hit the Earth. Dust covered the atmosphere. Temperature of the Earth drastically dropped. Less than 0.1 % of the Earth population survived after the disaster. Even hundreds of years after the catastrophe, people still suffer from unstable and cold climate. They lead a desperate and hopeless life. Fortunately, people have a strong faith towards the Sou, their creator. People are loyal to the Sou-gen, the envoy sent by the Sou. They believe if they put their devotion towards the Sou and believe in the Sou-gen, a better world can eventually be built.

Chapter 1

Lucifer, you will never win, because you are just created by me.’

No, we are always equal, because both of us are just imaginary forces inside human minds. You represent comfort, shelter, faith, authority and power; I represent independence, arrogance, rebelliousness and freedom. You know that clearly.’

Your rebellion will not succeed. Humans are always mentally weak. They need me; they fear me. They all believe that following you will only lead to darkness and despair.’

True, they need your shelter and they fear your power; but you have neglected one thing. You have neglected human’s desire for freedom. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot defeat it. No matter how beautiful your shelter is, you cannot lure them away from it.’

Freedom? Freewill? True, human treasure this thing a lot. But if I provide them ultimate joy and comfort, if I fear them with unlimited power, they will abandon it and follow me.’

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