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Kayci Morgan


Copyright © 2013 Kayci Morgan

Forbidden Lust Press

Smashwords Edition



When a young vampire picks up a first time prostitute, both get more than they were expecting.



Driving through a less than reputable part of town, I came upon him. He huddled in a doorway as rain slammed heavily onto the pavement. Since I was hunting I had my mind open to everything around me. I immediately picked up his entire story.  He had left home at seventeen, never graduated, now at nineteen, he couldn’t find work, hadn’t eaten in days and had decided to sell himself.  It was a sad story, but being able to see into the minds of men made me numb to sad stories.

Instinct told me to keep driving, that he wasn’t my prey.  Something felt wrong.  As a vampire I was taught from a very early age to listen to my instincts. They were more honed than those of humans.  But I liked the boy.  His name was Ryan. This was the furthest he had fallen, his first time selling himself.  I thought if I picked him up, and left him with a few hundred dollars I’d spare him from a life that would consume him. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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