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By Michael P. Rogers

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Michael P. Rogers

The Visitor Awakens

The huge craft had been travelling unhindered and undetected through deep space for many years, waiting for the time when its slumbering electronic circuits would be awoken once more. For countless times the computer brain of this leviathan vessel had analysed and scrutinised the myriads of stars and planets on its journey, and found nothing of interest, only the murmuring and the background radio noises of the universe. This didn’t trouble it in the least, it was built for eternity, patiently searching and scouring the heavens for something very particular.

It approached the outer fringes of the solar system, and once more, binary impulses raced through its complex circuitry, awakening the sensors and scanners that were collecting data, data that might just be of some importance to its inevitable purpose.

Several thousand computations were made, matching patterns to those that were stored in its memory so long ago. Its makers programmed those patterns so accurately and so painstakingly so that there could be no possible chance of error.

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