Uruguayo Shade

Adventures In Uruguay & Argentina

By Allan R. Wallace


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012, 2013 by Allan R. Wallace

self published

All rights are reserved by the author, but even long excerpts may be used if credit is given. I assume if you can afford an eReader than you can afford the low price of this book. Please respect my work and encourage me to write another – pay for the dad-bummed thing. If you are so poor that the cost of reading this is still too much, check out some of the ebooks I offer for free or request any of my books at your nearest library. *enjoy*


I am for liberty, and I look to a future where that may once again exist.

To all that strive for liberty I dedicate this book.
In particular I salute hackers munging data banks of tyrants.

Of Course

This story is just that, a story. If a nation is mentioned it may exist in one form or another, but not necessarily as presented here. The enterprises, people, and events are fiction. I have friends that share their names with characters in this book; they are nice people and I'm confident they are not involved in international intrigues – and none of them habitually wears pink lipstick. The time setting is always next week, never this week or last week. The facts that trouble our world were a consideration; but all here is novel. This alternate reality is formed from shadows of hope. We must share our almost substantial dreams that somewhere Shade and perhaps later The Friends Of Hacker Jon will honorably slither; blanketed from chilling evil due to a dim greyness of their own casting.

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