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Agate Bridge

“Dad, is that Agate Bridge?”

“Yes, Tom, that’s it,” replied his father, pointing at the huge log of solid rock that spanned the dry wash bed. “And, its over two hundred million years old.”

“Wow! That’s old.” Tommy bent over another log lying on the ground, noting the red and orange color. “What made the wood turn into rock?”

His dad waved his hand at the dry desert landscape of the Petrified Forest. “Once, this was a vast forest with lots of water everywhere. Then, the climate changed and the logs got covered up with mud.”

“Then what happened?”

“Minerals in the soil gradually replaced the wood, leaving solid rock behind.”

“Were there dinosaurs then?”

“Some,” replied his father. “Big crocodiles, and lots of fish, toads, frogs as well as smaller dinosaurs.”

Tommy gazed out over the barren desert. “Are any still around today?”

“Just the lizard you saw earlier on that boulder,” commented his father. He noticed the rest of the family heading back to the car. “We’d better go. Your mother and sister look like they’re ready to leave.”


“Well, you want to see the Painted Desert don’t you?” asked his father.

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