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Cade's voice held a certain amount of strain that she had never heard from him. Understandably so, and yet not like him at all. "I didn't think you'd recognize my voice."

"Well, I never told you…" She hesitated, wondering if she should admit anything. "But you have a very distinctive voice. Just don't let it go to your head." She laughed.

He was quiet again.

That would never happen; Cade hadn't a vain streak in his body.

"Uh…look, Julie, I guess you didn't expect me to call. And that's perfectly understandable, after all this time, but this isn't a pleasurable call. And I hate to be the one to tell you this…but it looks like I’m elected."

"Tell me?" she queried. "Tell me what? You sound so mysterious."

"Yeah…it's your father, Julie…he's had a heart attack," Cade said with such exaggerated slowness it took a minute to sink into Julie's brain exactly what Cade was telling her.

"A heart attack…oh my God, well…he's okay though, right?" Julie affirmed. "He's in the hospital, being monitored, right? What hospital, Cade?"

Another long pause had Julie gripping the phone, and holding a pen and paper to write down the number. "Cade…he's okay, right?"

The silence was unbearable and tears clouded her vision as an ominous feeling swamped her from his silence.

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