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Jack Wagner in the HUFFINGTON POST

Translation: I’m coming back.

I think DAYS is going to stick around. I don’t know that I’m at liberty to say that officially yet, but it’s not going anywhere.”

NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt expressed confidence that DAYS would remain on the air beyond its current contract cycle, which expires in September at the Television Critics Association

Translation: We have at least three more reboots in us.

It sounds more like the death of Todd and Blair.”

A bitter Kassie DePaiva on Twitter in response to an innocent interview GH’s Laura Wright gave SOAP OPERA DIGEST that shipped Carly and Todd as a big pairing for the show per a conversation she had with head writer Ron Carlivati at the show’s Christmas Party

Translation 1: Blair spent 10 years hooking up with men like Victor Lord, Spencer Truman, John McBain, Cristian Vega, Elijah Clarke and Tomas Delgado... but Roger Howarth can have no action without me! —@SourceRyan

Translation 2: If I had a contract on GH, I wouldn’t care who Todd slept with! It’s all about the Benjamins!

Translation 3: I could care less who Trevor St. John slept with.

Translation 4: I’m the anti-Genie Francis! I want my character paired with a superstar rapist!

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