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Fall Into Nightmares

Published by Lisa Williamson at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Lisa Williamson

By Lisa Williamson

Chapter One

"You will change the world, my love. Your agony will set me free!"

Jeffrey woke with a start, his eyes darted about the darkened room searching for the source of the voice that filled his head but there was nothing and no one there. After a few minutes, his breathing calmed down and he whispered. "Just a dream, nothing more."

"Hmm?" came a soft, muffled murmur at his side. He looked down with a soft smile for the woman who shared his bed. Reaching out he lightly brushed a lock of black hair from her cheek.

"Nothing love, go back to sleep." He moved closer to the girl, wrapping an arm around her and drifted back to sleep. Just as he fell back over into dreams, he heard soft and evil laughter.


Gregory bowed and then came on guard. His sensei had lately taken to lightning swift attacks, pressuring his student to reach for his maximum potential. Very proud of the fact that he was one of only two students that Master Tachi had taken into his weapons classes, the tall blonde student practiced diligently. That practice was beginning to pay off. Though not one to openly praise a student, Master Tachi had made his pleasure known; by using his more private techniques and teaching them to Gregory

Gregory's mind shifted briefly to the small apartment he shared with Jeffrey. Lately the place had seemed a tad confining to him but he was not going to complain. A third person had started to spend a lot of time there; the one other person Gregory had no trouble spending time with.

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