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World War II – Growing international tension leads to the most destructive war in history.

Tales from Germany’s shores to America’s Home Front

Encounter With Destiny by Cynthia Breeding

Nadia Rajak was Rom.

Persecuted by Hitler as much as the Jews were, her people weren’t inclined to heal wounded German soldiers. Yet, when she finds a German captain unconscious and bleeding in the woods, what is she to do? She’s a nurse, sworn to help heal, not kill.

But in taking him back to her camp, she brings prikaza—bad luck—to her people.

American Rose by Holmes Brannon

Rose turned away and pushed the map case deep inside her shirt. Turning again to Bill, she moved into his arms. “My darling, if something happens to you, I too will die, and it won’t take bullets to do it.”

Bill embraced her. “Don’t talk like that. This has become bigger than us. You have the contacts and know the countryside and I don’t. Those papers must get to England.”

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