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One Time Only

Passion Lyrics Short Series Book 1.

Written and Published by: Rama Marie

A Short Story Produced by J&R Publications

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Copyright 2012 Rama M.

Smashwords Edition

The work kept piling up this week, and Ryan was past giving 110% on cases that would never and could never be solved. The most recent case assigned to him, was a shitty assault done by a Ghost Suspect, (someone never seen before) by a victim in this city.

The only reason that Ryan is out of the house today, is because the investigation has gone cold. Ryan must have pissed off the wrong people back at the office, so they sent him behind this wild goose as a big fat joke. The only place to get a good source for this bottom-feeder was to drive straight into Philadelphia’s projects, and that’s where Ryan found himself driving today, the shit-hole replica of what a greater Philly was at one time.

Kids with their nappy heads, darted in and out of the street, playing imaginary games. The women with their chicken-scratch of a hairstyle roamed the sidewalks smacking gum, screaming their hellos and goodbyes to the neighbors; pathetic.

“Why are they always screaming?” Ryan whispered in his car as if they could hear him. He made sure to dress down, jeans and a t-shirt and the only mistake was the mustang. It’s not the best car to drive trying to impress a fat cat because its value wasn’t worth two dead flies, but in the ghetto the tires alone are worth a full roundtrip to a crack high if they managed to steal it.

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