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A Long Time Coming

The sound of the rails was all I could hear as I looked deep into her eyes. My best friend and I were on an overnight train, heading home from college. That last month had been confusing. At times I felt like there was definitely something there, at others I felt like we’d never happen. But that evening on the train, things changed. We were both sitting on her berth in the sleeper car, talking. We spent all of dinner staring longingly into each others’ eyes.

She wanted to lie down, and as she did, she pulled me down next to her. The small size of the berth meant we were really close to each other. Just as we wanted it. We talked for a bit, before she reached up to my face and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. I realized I wasn’t gonna wait any longer. As she pulled away, I brought my face near hers, and kissed her long and deep. It immediately hit the two of us how badly we had wanted each other. She kissed me back, and put a tongue in my mouth and ran it all over mine. After a minute as I pulled away, I found myself shaking. She pulled the curtain close as we cuddled. I looked into her eyes and saw everything that I’d ever wanted. We made out for another ten minutes, after which she took my hand and slipped it under her shirt. I reached up, running my hand along her stomach, before touching the soft fabric of her bra. She let out a light sigh, as I slipped my hand under her bra, took her breast in my hand and squeezed it. She gasped as I continued to massage her breasts. I slowly moved my hand towards her nipples and pinched them. Her breathing grew heavy as I continued to play with her nipples. She was being quiet, very aware of the people around us, but that didn’t stop us.

I then moved my hand down and started rubbing her pussy from on top of her jeans. She let out a soft moan, and then whispered in my ear, “Inside.”

I reached for her button, and after some difficulty, managed to unbutton her jeans. I unzipped them, slipped my hand inside her underwear and touched her wet pussy. She moaned again, as I ran my finger up and down her pussy, feeling her juices on my hand. Very slowly, I put my finger inside her pussy, drawing a gasp from her. She threw her head back as I fingered her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. I fingered her faster and faster, and she continued moaning softly. I could tell she was getting close to cumming, but just then, she pulled my hand out.

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