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No, last night is not what I want. It’s just I was scared with the baby and everything that’s happened between us in the last few weeks.”

When she tried sweeping past him out the door, he pushed himself in front of her like a shield. “Aidan, move. I have to get to work. Nothing you have to say is going to change the way I feel right now.”

Can’t you call in? I love you, and I want to make this right.” He raked a shaky hand through his already disheveled hair. He was still in the wrinkled clothes he had worn the day before. He hadn’t slept, hadn’t eaten—he had spent the night consumed with how to get her back. “No matter what you think, I do love you…and I do want the baby.”

She raised her head to glare at him. Aidan took a step back at the unadulterated rage that burned in her eyes. “Don’t you dare say that! I know how you really feel about me being pregnant—the burden it is on your life. If anything, it’s the reason you were fucking that girl! Because when you’re scared, you always manage to screw up!”

Shoving him out of the way, she stomped down the porch steps. He followed close on her heels. “Okay, you’re right. It was a burden—maybe it still is. But I realize now I was just being stupid. I love you, and I do want to marry you and raise our child.”

She skidded to a stop. Her shoulders sagged before she slowly turned around. “Right now you think that’s what you want. But I know you too well. Before we get married or before the baby is born, you’ll get scared and cheat again.” She shook her head sadly. “I was stupid to think me being pregnant would change you. That somehow it would make you commit. But you can’t even be faithful for your baby.”

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