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Are you a Stress Head?

Stress Head??!!....Who d’ya think you are?!!!….You don’t know me!!......Last thing I want to do is read anything written by someone who’s calling me a Stress Head!...I picked up this book because I want someone to take me seriously……. to recognise




OK, this opener mightn’t even apply to you but if it does and it seems insensitive and you’re about to hurl this book or shut down your laptop, kindle, or ipad as of now you’re reading this sentence, so you’re still with me! So with the seconds I may have left, can I offer an apology if it annoyed or upset you? I know stress could be an uncomfortable reality in your world otherwise you probably wouldn’t have been drawn to this book in the first place. Whilst you won’t know it now, I do have my reasons for my strange introduction, and I hope, if you decide to stay with me, that my intention will be revealed by the end of this book.

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