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Live the List

Nicole Andrews Moore

Copyright 2013 by Nicole Andrews Moore

Smashwords Edition


I read a book once, written by a couple, and while I can’t find it in my collection and can’t remember the name to save my life, what I remember is the hope that it left me feeling. They had lived a life less ordinary. They had tried various methods of supporting their family through the years, and were currently living in the Caribbean, running a restaurant. And that spoke to me.

It wasn’t that I wanted to own a restaurant, but I loved the idea of a life less ordinary. I was determined to shed my 9-5 lifestyle. I hated living for the weekends. They were so short and the work week was so long. And it was so hard to wring all the joy out of these experiences. Oh, but I did my best.

I was unhappily married at the time, willing to stick it out for as long as possible, that was what had gotten me that far. My kids were older, almost fourteen and eleven, when I realized that our marriage was truly over. The more they were off having their own lives, the less time they spent acting as human buffers between their parents, the more obvious it was that it just wasn’t going to work. I was terrified of the thought of ending up alone with him.

So, I decided to end my fifteen year marriage. It was rough. It ended badly, not that there is a good way for marriages to end. And soon after I knew it was over, I met Sam, the man who changed everything.

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