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For fans of Robert E. Howard, David Gemmell, Robert Jordan, and Raymond E. Feist, the DEMONSOULED saga now continues in a sixth volume.

MAZAEL CRAVENLOCK is now the liege lord of the Grim Marches, fighting to defend his lands from the numberless hordes of undead. Yet old enemies plot his demise, and a cunning assassin lurks in the shadows, preparing a deadly trap.

HUGH CHALSAIN is the youngest son of the Prince of Barellion. When invaders from the sea conquer his land, Hugh must fight to save his home...or perish upon the blades of his foes.

MALARIC is the bastard son of the Prince of Barellion, despised and outcast. But with the stolen power of Mazael's Demonsouled son, Malaric has the strength to claim what is his...and exact a horrible vengeance upon anyone who ever crossed him.

LUCAN MANDRAGON has returned from the dead, wielding dark magic beyond measure. Now nothing can stop him from fulfilling his righteous mission.

The utter destruction of the Demonsouled.


Soul of Skulls

Copyright 2013 by Jonathan Moeller

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