While working with his dad had its rewards the hours were long and Doris finally moved on with someone who had the time to spend with her. After Doris left he told his dad that he wanted to be a writer, but his dad said that he’d never make any money and then Martin showed him his pay from just two of his stories. It was not and equitable parting with his dad but in time his dad forgave him. After leaving his home town a berg in Colorado and taking a small loft apartment shared with another guy in the Metro he began writing again. Oddly enough his first big royalty check came from writing a romance novel. Now romance novels are his bread and butter oddly enough. It was a hard row to hoe but keeping his nose to the grindstone and treating his writing like the job that it was and working hard he attained even more wealth and success than his parents ever had. His books have been voted best sellers six years in a row and his dad has even read some of his work. When he isn’t writing he’s on the road doing book promotions. He’s traveled to exotic places like India, Venice, South America and even Indonesia. Most writers are solitary people like him self and it is hard to share a life with anyone much less a wife.

The only other person in his life and she is not even his girl friend is his house keeper Emily. He met Emily in Indonesia while on a book tour. Meeting Emily was quite by accident really he’d been signing books and talking to people all day. It had been a very tiring day and when the book store employees were closing the store he’d stayed and was standing on the stoop outside when a street beggar came by asking for coins. Martin’s plane had landed late due to a severe thunder storm and so he had come directly from the airport to the bookstore that morning. When the beggar asked for coins he felt terrible because he had no money at all in his pockets, he only carried plastic when he traveled. The book store employees who were also tired were frustrated at having had to stay past their supper time and were very unkind and short tempered with the young beggar. Instead of giving the beggar what she asked for the employees struck out at her and scared her off. One of the employees said that that same girl comes by everyday at the same time and usually I give her something. Then he apologized to Martin I’m sorry you witnessed my bad temper I’ll be happy to help you find your hotel he said. No that’s not necessary Martin replied when I travel I always make sure my accommodations are close by. The employees went their way and Martin went his, his hotel the Marriotte was a high rise and his room was one of the VIP suites on the top floor he needed only a room to sleep in but had five two bedrooms a sitting room and kitchen and dining room.

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