By Oner Doser

Copyright 2012 by Oner Doser

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The Sun, located at the center of our Solar System, is the source of life. Without the Sun, there would be no atmosphere on our planet and hence no life. Without the Sun, we wouldn’t be able to breathe.

From the simplest to the most complex, all organisms on Earth use the Sun’s energy in some way. The Sun is the primary element shaping our lives and our environment. The day and night, seasons and climates, clouds, rain, plants, and forests, as well as all the animals and their food chains, depend on the Sun. In addition, the Sun also exerts some less obvious influences, such as through its magnetic field, sunspots, and solar storms. We witness the effects of these when communication systems fail, the ionosphere becomes disturbed, satellites malfunction, and the world’s climate changes. These activities also affect the Earth’s magnetic field, our brain rhythms, and the hormones of both humans and animals. All living organisms are sensitive to magnetic changes, so any change in the Sun is vitally important for all living beings.

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