A finger taps the side of the container.

"This will hurt princess. Consider it a present from me to you."

Something clicks and I scream. I have no body, but for some reason I can hear that scream as if I do. The pain that laces through me is incredible. It is worse than anything I have ever experienced. I can feel it flowing throughout my soul as I am forced into something. It feels like being screwed whole into a small funnel.

It lasts a good 90 count or so and then suddenly stops.

"It is finished, sir."

There is laughter.

I quiver. That voice is no longer metallic anymore. No, it is too real. As real as if I have ears. In horror, I realize I do.


"Yes, 10,000 times yes."

My voice catches in my brand new throat. I have a body. It is my worst nightmare imaginable come to life. It is the end.

Dark In The Dark

The big shadowy shape steps out of the darkness and into the dull gray light of the daylight. His black robes rustle slightly in the slight wind that flows through the camp. He is not alone. A shorter, leaner version of him steps out of the dark and looks around. He has a long beam rifle made of hardened black metal that does not seem to catch the light no matter how it is placed.

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