'Rock, move to the wall.'

I look in the direction that the message was sent. Zeal can manipulate his mental voice to sound like his old voice before he put on the mask. I wish I could. Everything I say, whether verbally or non-verbally, sounds like a jungle Punta Snake hissing at a rival making an attempt on its mate. It's not pretty.

Understood. I am Moving.'

I slip across the street and for a few painful seconds I slip into the darkness. It is so incredibly cold in that place. I feel like my whole body is being frozen in ice. It is painful but necessary pain. We who wear the mask and who are of the dark have little luxuries in life and being pain-free is one of them.

The building is on the far side of the street. It is five floors high, which is astonishing as every other building in the area is over twenty. The steel plating on the outside is familiarly cold under my fingers as I slide towards the door.

'Careful. There is one on the roof.'

A shape slips in and out of the darkness and runs headlong straight up the wall, catching hand and foot holds and vaulting the five floors less than a 3 count.

I pause and wait. A small silver of light drops down in front of me. I snatch it out of the air and inspect it. Even though it is nearly perfect dark outside, I can see it clearly. It is a finger. Zeal has given me a present.

Slipping the ring off, I slide along the wall. Those eyes are burning into me. Where are they? I can't see anyone. That is abnormal. We see everything. The night is our time. Nothing can hide from us in the darkness. Where are those eyes hiding?

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