Horton’s Ways Around the Piano Keys (Made Easy)

By Brian Horton

Published by Brian Horton at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by Brian Horton

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First and foremost, I thank my beautiful wife Kenya Horton for her drive, perseverance and determination. The qualities and characteristics that she possess encourages me to push hard at everything I do and also helps me realize that anything is achievable once claimed mentally. Kenya, I want to encourage you to finish your doctoral program because you have studied and worked so hard. You deserve it! I love you for that and much more. Second, my adorable 8 month old daughter Briana Bella Horton gives me the passion to help others. This book would not be in existence if not for this joy of mine. Briana, I encourage you to take over the jewelry baby product line (Bri Bella Company) that your mother and I started when you were only a few months old. I love you! Lastly, I thank my mother Patricia Horton for being the perfect example of a role model to me and my family by raising a man of God. I am the man that I am because of her. You are a true example of hard work and dedication. You have been at your job for almost 40 years just to provide for our family of 4. Because of that, my job now is to provide for you. I love you!

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