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Detour to Love

Deborah MacGillivray

Copyright ©2007 Deborah MacGillivray

Cover Copyright © 2013 Deborah MacGillivray

Published by Highland Press Publishing at Smashwords

Kaelyn Reynolds stood by the picture window of the living room, watching the snow fall as twilight settled upon the silent landscape. It had come down all evening at the rate of an inch per hour with no signs of slowing.

News bulletins warned everyone to remain safely at home. The police begged people not to drive; already swamped with stranded motorists on the highways and inter-state, they advised if you were in a fender-bender to exchange information and go straight home. Snowplows were out, though they concentrated on the heavier traffic areas. If this pace kept up, the less-traveled, winding secondary roads would have to wait for clearing, maybe for days.

She stood alone in the darkened room, the fire burning softly at her back. The clear twinkling lights from the Christmas tree were reflected in the glass pane before her as she enjoyed the peaceful beauty of the scene outside. A tranquil splendor, a hushed stillness blanketed the land. Nothing stirred, not even a mouse.

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