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Eye Doctor “Out of the box”

Dr. Ittyerah P. Tholath

Copyright 2013 by Dr. Ittyerah P. Tholath

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Geriatric diseases constitute the major medical and surgical problems in ophthalmology. Senile cataract, diabetic retinopathy, and age related macular degeneration are a few of the blinding diseases of old age. Qualified and skilled eye surgeons can treat these diseases with considerable amount of success with the help of advanced technologies. The best method to prevent these diseases is elimination of old age. Today old age population is rapidly increasing in the world. Longevity is increasing and centurions are becoming common. According to certain studies the projected life expectancy of one hundred and fifty years can be reached soon. It is possible that the first person to celebrate their thousandth birthday would be born within the next twenty years (Aubrey de Grey)! As the life extends like this the quality of life is not improving correspondingly. The old age segment of human life cycle is mainly extending. In this background I had a dream and I am trying to realize this dream. This book is the written form of my dream and my unconventional thoughts.

This book might contain some unacceptable statements to certain sections of the society. They are not intended to hurt their feelings, but to highlight the need and urgency of doing research to eliminate old age sufferings. Please pardon me if the words are hurting anybody’s faith and feelings.

Dr. Ittyerah P. Tholath


I TOO HAVE A DREAM - A youth forever dream

“You see things, and say, why?

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