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A Twist of Power

Book 3 of the Madeline Journeys


P.A. Wilson

Published by Perry Wilson Books

Copyright 2012 P.A. Wilson

ISBN: 978-0-9880309-7-8

Chapter 1

Madeline held the yellow ribbon and stared at Blu. The little monk was sitting across from her, a matching ribbon laid across his upturned palms. He was muttering so quietly that she had to strain to hear the words he spoke. Her responses to his statements were the only things keeping the spell intact until they finished.

“The net holds against all forces.” Blu’s voice held no sign of the effort he was pouring into the spell.

“Against all forces, the net flexes to hold,” Madeline whispered. She tried to keep her fingers light on the ribbon, because it represented the net of protective spells they held over Arabela’s house. If she held the ribbon too tightly, the net would become rigid and, with enough force, shatter rather than flex.

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