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Other works of fine literature by this author include

Valley of Death, Zombie Trailer Park (Keck)

Zombies of All Hallows Evil (Keck)

What the Keck!? Zombies of the Caribbean (Keck)

Chronicles of the Undead, Volume One: The Emperor of Bayonne Prison

The Tiniest Invaders; Book One, Coexistence

The Tiniest Invaders; Book Two, The Meandering Menace

Upcoming Novels:

Chronicles of the Undead Book II; Twisto's Town (Expected by Spring 2014)

The Tiniest Invaders; Book III Conclusion (2014)

KECK Legacy (Coming eventually)



It shouldn't need to be mentioned, but I get so many goofy reviews and emails from readers who complain that my writings are gross and disgusting that I thought it might be worth addressing what I write about yet again. I do not create stories about puppies chasing butterflies around a sunny meadow or anything else sweet, warm, and fuzzy. Granted, I sometimes do enjoy reading stories like that, but they are not contained herein.

Stories about the undead tend to be messy, violent, and yes even a tad gross on occasion. Someday, when I'm through with my blood and guts obsession, I may try and write a warm fuzzy zombie tale. But I assure you this collection contains nothing like that.

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