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She looked up to find Ryan watching, his brow furrowed.

Taking a deep breath, she blew it out slowly before trying to speak. “My husband’s name is Steven Prichard.” She waited for comprehension to hit, but the implication never registered. “He’s a very bad man. He will kill you on sight for helping us and won’t be kind.”

Still nothing.

Doesn’t that bother you?” she asked.

We’ve been on the road for over twelve hours. Why tell me now?”

Well, that certainly wasn’t the reaction she expected. Or was it? He had every right to be mad. “I know. I wanted to tell you, was going to, honest. But I couldn’t figure out how to start.” She glanced over her shoulder hoping not to find Steven glaring back at her. “They just paged Steven over the intercom. Oh, dear God. He could be watching us right now.” She gave the terminal another once over, made sure Michael was still where he was supposed to be and then turned all her attention back to Ryan. “He won’t be alone, Ryan. Michael and I have to leave now.”

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