The participating members offer their discussion here for the enjoyment of the reader, who may (or may not) be a Witch who is interested in pondering the Rede. They do not urge the reader to accept 'the' answer contained here. In the first place, there is no single answer offered, so it would be quite impossible to accept it even if the reader wanted to. In the second place, what is proposed is not so much an 'answer' as a set of further questions. The reader is urged to consider the mystery of the Rede for herself.

At the outset, the reader may wish to remind himself that the Rede is a statement most often expressed as An it harm none, do as yet wilt or (in somewhat longer form) An it harm none, do as yet wilt, and that shall be the whole of the law. It appears in several places, including the Old Laws (also known as the Ardanes or the 161 Laws).



Eyrie, the High Priestess

Lark, Raven, Dove, Robin, and Corbin, all Wiccans joining in this Circle of Discussion


The Discussion

Eyrie said to the coven: An it harm none, do as yet wilt, and that shall be the whole of the law. What do you all think about this Rede?

Raven said: I understand the Rede to mean 'Do whatever you want so long as no one is hurt.' Would the rest of you agree with me?

Lark: Yes.

Robin: Yes.

Corbin: Wait a minute. Is the idea that no one is hurt, or that nothing is hurt? Would it be all right for me to do whatever I want if an animal was hurt?

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