What Will Be…

Loralei Maiden

Copyright 2013 by Loralei Maiden

Smashwords Edition

As I ran across the school football field, I could hear my name being called from a distance.


Oh Goddess, why me, why is it always me?’ I quickly pivoted to face the shouting voice, only to see that a football was heading straight towards me. On the ground, behind the football, a collection of frantically running guys and girls were hurdling straight towards me. Keeping an eye on the ball I continued to run; only now I was moving backwards. The ball landed with a thud into my awaiting hands, tucking it under my arm I whirled around and continued to run from the people who were all now chasing me and the ball. Crouching down slightly, I stuck out my shoulder and barged past a massive guy who had been headed straight for me, murder in his eyes. I didn't even glance back as I knocked him to the ground, instead I focused on running as fast as my legs would allow.

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