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‘Friend’ and the word ‘free’ have got etymologically common origins. That makes the best definition for the former relationship-friendship.

When one feels free with someone, he becomes a friend and rather vice versa.

In this ebook we shall talk about ‘How to be a good friend’ and thus create an atmosphere for having a beautiful life, in turn making it endearing for others around us, as well.


Chapter 1- ‘Say Cheese’

Everyone likes Charlie Chaplin!

Tell me one more person whom everyone likes?

This one sentence is sufficient to make you understand the importance of making one laugh. Everyone in this world is filled with worries and bitter challenges, but if you can make them smile even for a moment, they will bless you for a long time. They will get glued to you not because you are cracking jokes, but because they would get a hope to live and fight their difficulties.

Whenever or wherever you can bring a smile on someone, consider yourself to be a great human, swell with pride-

You have made a person regain their confidence to write the most difficult exam: LIFE.

Cheerfulness is ‘contagious’. Your vivaciousness would soon make the people around you vibrate with enthusiasm and energy.

However, please do remember that this humour should be positive, good natured and well timed.

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