Something Wild

Final Settlement


For my gorgeous son, Hugh,

with all my love.


I would like to thank the following for their invaluable help: Peru, for its beauty, gifts and trials. The late Professor Glyn Davies, economist extraordinaire, diligent proofreader and beloved father; Grethe Davies, raven-eyed proofreader and beloved mother; Roy Davies, bilingual proofreader and beloved brother. Roy is also responsible for the publication of this book by my new, very professional and entertaining publisher, so extra thanks to Roy, and indeed to Fred Piechoczek, the entertaining publisher!

More thanks go to Louise Kennedy and Steve Beecham - oh to be an aikido black belt like them. Thanks to Adam Copperthwaite, Julian Hansen, Anthony Culligan and Philippe Bonnefoy - derivatives swingers; Charo Leon, Miss Fix It and Spanish mistress; Lucho Lainez Lozada, intrepid jungle pilot; Kati St Clair, psychological savant; Ernesto Yallico, explorer and jungle guide; Charles and Kate Allen, facilitators; John Illman, former Ambassador to Peru and squash partner; Adriana von Hagen, archaeologist; Alexander Newman, a boy with some very serious toys; the action men from Bogota; the curry fancier and all the others I may not name. They know who they are.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my husband, Rupert Wise. Ru, I seem to have walked into many fires with you, but I’ll keep walking with you, unto infinity.

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