Hostile Intent

By Michael P. Rogers

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 Michael P. Rogers

In the Garage Workshop

Harry was examining his latest electronic project in his garage cum’ workshop where he spent most of his spare time cobbling together various gadgets and gizmos that were placed around the house much to his wife’s annoyance. The last thing he had installed was a very complex central heating control unit that required a great deal of time setting up to get working. “But it works!” he told his distraught wife.

He looked admiringly at his current masterpiece which was lying on the workbench connected to various test instruments. “I just need that satellite dish and it’s up and running.” he muttered with great joy rubbing his hands together. He popped back indoors for a cup of tea after setting the intruder alarm on the garage door. The alarm was totally unnecessary but he loved his gadgets.

Any deliveries for me sweetheart?” he asked Julie. “What have you ordered now? Not more junk?” she replied irritably. She’d seen quite enough of his abandoned gadgets lying around the house, but at least it kept him out of her hair, she thought. Just as he was about to speak, a van pulled up outside and two men got out and were struggling with a huge ex-army satellite dish from the back of the van. “Ah, it’s here at last.” he crooned. “What the hell is that?” his wife shouted with eyes bulging. “It’s just something I picked up from the army surplus website. It only cost a few quid.” he said in his attempt to placate her.

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