What is it that makes certain individuals so much more capable than others? What is it that allows innovation and advancement in the world to take place? Who are those people who hold that capacity and why can they create the change we all know is needed? Why are these individuals always full of energy, and yet others just always feel knocked out?

In my 30 years of life, I have witnessed some pretty amazing things. I have seen people who have lost everything be inspired by a picture drawn on a napkin, and as a result, climb back to the very top against all odds. I have witnessed immigrants who barely spoke English rise to executive positions within the system and earn six-figure incomes in less than four years, only because someone took a chance on them. But nothing I have seen is more amazing to me than the power of the human mind and its evolution when given a purpose.

I am no psychologist and certainly not a scientist. I know nothing of biology, and quite frankly, did very poorly on high school report cards. After just two years in college, I dropped out due to complete boredom—despite being only one course away from finishing my Associate’s degree. Many will tell you that foregoing college is a huge mistake, but throughout this book, you will understand why education held no relevance in my life.

I could start telling you all about my lifestyle or the possessions I accumulated and how all that should make you buy into the book itself. But if I did, that by itself would go against the essence of this book’s important message. What I will tell you, however, is that the lifestyle I live today is the exact one I want to be living, not the one my initial circumstance had intended for me. The possessions I have today are not a good representation of how I wish to be remembered and certainly hold very little relevance to who I have become.

What did maintain relevance in my life was a group of people who all played a significant role as they entered and exited my life at different stages. People who held no connection to one other except that they were all connected through me. Individuals who helped open and broaden my views and vision to the reality of what the world is. They helped shape my life into what it is today.

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