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The Jaguar Sun

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Paranormal Romance by S. Durham

The proverbial prosecuting junkie, Aiden Pierce’s sole purpose in life is to convict the guilty and make sure they get what they deserve. He has little interest in his supernatural abilities and past, until a persistent internal fire begins to dog his every waking moment.

When his mentor the Chief Prosecuting Attorney of Seattle is found murdered in his home, and the only person of interest, seems to escalate that unnatural fire within him, Aiden is forced to confront his mysterious past and burgeoning powers, before his career goes up in flames.

Sonja Walker has been her own woman ever since she escaped the brutality of a powerful man thirteen years ago. Running a high end and discreet professional escort service, Sonja has achieved independence from all men. That is until a past lover, and dear friend, is murdered, and she becomes the prime suspect. As her world unravels around her, the police and the prosecuting office’s scrutiny not only serve to threaten her livelihood, but the puzzling and potent attraction she has to the assistant PA, Aiden Pierce, just might undo her completely.

As they try to ignore the simmering passion between them, Aiden and Sonja find themselves drawn into a battle against an undeniable evil, ultimately leading them through the jungles of Los Angeles and Guatemala to an ancient sect that has been fighting evil since a time before the Mayans. In a race against time, Aiden must embrace his legacy before he loses the one thing that has become more important to him than his career...or his life.

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