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In the remote villages, nearly swallowed up by dark brown sand and isolation, the women tell stories. The stories of the stars Ajita knows best. Rasjaurom, the mighty bear of the night, had been a renowned hunter. In his younger years he bounded across the dark depths of the sky and gobbled up all other creatures in his wake. Rasjaurom eventually became so fattened on the carcasses of his prey that he decided to find a safe place to rest. He found a small blue and brown planet and to this day stalks across its sky, a lumbering creature that chases off other hunters like the giant scorpion…but because he is so full, he no longer feeds. People in the village often wonder when the bear will hunt again. Ajita wonders what is inside of the bear and thinks of ways to release the thousands of ancient creatures that must be in the hunter’s belly.

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