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You’re so lucky having your best friend live so close to you. Mine lives on another planet.” Oh, stars, what did I just say? Why is it as a humanoid I can’t control my mouth?

You’re right, Nic, she is really funny and cute, too,” Josh said.

He looked sideways at me, and I got really warm. Maybe that’s what Nic meant when she said Josh had the hots for me. He did make me warm. Funny how I could feel hot, though, when my skin looked like a chicken’s, all covered in small bumps.

He stopped in the middle of the cement and turned me around to face him. He reached forward and touched my nose. So I did what any ananoid would do, I slapped him. Not nearly as effective as when I used my antenna, but it had the same result.

Oops, I don’t think I was supposed to do that. I might have put his nose out of joint.

What the snap was that for? I was just wiping a bit of ice cream off your nose. Man, you pack a wallop.” He bent over with his head in his hands, and his ball cap fell to the ground.

I bent down to pick it up, figuring it was the least I could do, and realized I’d made another mistake...

I Was a Teenage Alien

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