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I Just Need My Fix


"I bet you a few more cookies won't hurt.....". Or another one just like it; "I can stop anytime.....", or "Those patches are really helping me quitting......". Or how about the: "I promise I won't get drunk again......". And over time you find yourself struggling through life. You might not want to admit it, but you have an addiction. And the problems arising from it continue, seem to stack up, or one takes the place of another. Whatever you try doesn't seem to bring a solution to any of this. And the next step, to find more alternative treatments, seems promising at first, but over time the same lack of results is creating discouragement.

Addictions. So many people in our world today suffer under some form of addiction. Not to mention how the people around them are forced to suffer along. And even if we are aware how it is hurting our loved ones, we still can't shake that drive, need, desire to light another sigaret, take a drink, watch another porn movie. And these are just the most common examples. But addictions can be found in so many areas, that it is staggering. Addictions to food, gambling, video games, the Internet, sports, and the list goes on and on. Anything that would require your utmost will power to not do it again, could be considered an addiction. Yes, you can even be addicted to things that appear really good. But if these throw you out of balance in your life, that you would sacrifice other important areas of your life, that what seems a blessing could still be a curse in the form of an addiction.

So pretty much each and everyone of us seem to struggle with some kind of addiction at any given time. We try everything. Will power, support groups, supplements, alternative treatments. We might even run to doctor after doctor, undergo whatever treatment recommended, and use a good chunk of our monthly budget on medications and therapies. Rehab centers for certain addictions are overflowing. Yet many addiction go unnoticed. For us living in modern western countries, we might be living in a world that provides us with everything. But the fact that addictions go so rampant, shows that many people hunger for something more. That is why bookstores have whole sections for books on addictions. Addiction support groups draw hordes of people. And you can just open a phonebook to find some kind of counselor for addictions. Amazingly enough it seems as if the amounts of books, support groups, treatments and counseling sessions do not promise any guarantee. And all the books, support groups, doctors, counselors and treatments tell us that we should be more like this, think more like that, act more like whatever, take more of this, be stronger in our will, follow these steps...... Now don't get the wrong idea, because it is important to understand the basics of conquering addictions. But after the support group or the counseling session life comes around, and most people continue to suffer in their addiction. So the support group becomes an ongoing attendance to remain from falling back into the old patterns. But even then there is still that draw to whatever we are addicted to. And we keep looking for a solution over and over.

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