I Don't Believe In God, Jesus, Or The Bible

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I Don't Believe In God, Jesus, Or The Bible


Yes, you read that correctly. We think we are nuts too. What Christian ministry would write a book called "God's manual for atheism and other religions"? We can just see every non-believer or follower of a religion other than Christianity think: "Great, another Christian book trying to convert me into Christianity!!". Well, in some ways you are right. But if you are any familiar with the Free From Bondage books, which you probably are not, you would know that all these books are "in your face" books, even for 99% of Christianity. So we feel it is our duty to at least "get in your face" too.

But to be clear. This book is not written to convert you. It is not written to hammer you with Christianity, hit you over the head with a Bible. What it's intend is, is to show you that we as a ministry understand why you don't believe in any religion, do believe in another religion, or don't believe the Christian faith specifically. Now, that by itself is probably new for 99% of the worlds population. A ministry that understands non Christians...... What a concept, huh. In return this book will ask you to at least try to understand why we do believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Bible. If you don't want to go anywhere in that direction of believing, that is your freedom to choose, no hard feelings over that one.

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