We do want you to understand why we understand that you do not believe, or believe in another religion than Christianity. If everyone in the world would at least have a basic understanding of each other, we would all be able to get along a lot better. Understanding will make it easier for all of us.

So bear with us while reading through this. We completely understand that the last thing you would be interested in is reading about Adam and Eve and all that stuff. But for you to understand what we at Free From Bondage Ministry understand, we will have to go through all this. So we have loosened it up a little, threw in a few jokes, and kept it short. So just have fun with it, but do make an attempt to think and understand.

Before the beginning.

God was pleased. He had just finished a lot of work. So much creation in such a short period of time. Of course a God day is much much longer than the thousands and thousands of years we currently understand in our earthly concept of time, but it was still a lot of work. Five God days had passed. It was time for creation of a species called "Angels". Yes, you read that correctly, no human creation yet. Maybe God wanted to practice first.

Now we can just see you think. Angels?! Naked chubby angels with silk scarfs elegantly rapped around their private parts. With their feathery wings they are sitting on clouds, playing little golden harps. Well, dream on. That is how the church has been displaying angels. God did not give them feathery wings, nor did they wear silk scarfs around their bottoms. And there is not a single mentioning in God's word about little golden harps, or floating on clouds. No, these angels looked very much like humans, even their DNA.

For many earthly years the angels roamed the earth side by side with God. Until one angel, the smartest one of all considered he was better, smarter, greater than God. He placed himself on a mental pedestal, so high that he exalted himself above the clouds and the stars. Which by the way right away shows us that they were not floating around on clouds, but living below the clouds just like us humans do now.

The planning and the actions this one angel took on his thoughts were the first original sins that ever happened in this universe. With his intelligence he persuaded one third of all the angels to follow him in his rebellion against God. You can figure this probably went a little more fiercely then a strike with the union involved. This was more like true rebellion warfare. And with this warfare, the original sins that were initially just within one angel, spread like wildfire over the population. Pride, bitterness and resentment went rampant. In the process of rebellion in which two thirds of the population did not follow, hatred, rage and anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness started. The evil lusts and desires became an evolving matter by itself, turning into sexual immoralities. Fear, anxiety and stress spread throughout the earth's population. Sounds like an average large scale war going on. Maybe we could consider that the first world war.

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