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What Are The Monthly Payments On That??


"I shouldn't have bought that.....". Or another one just like it; "What are the monthly payments on that.....", or "We will figure it out......". Or how about the: "Let's just put it on the credit card......". And over time you find yourself in the vice grip of debt. The fees and interest alone are tough to keep up with, imagine paying the balances off. The bills are stacking up. We take a second job, only to find out that it looks good initially, but that a few months into the process we are starting to run behind again. Somewhere inside we know that we should be able to do better with our money. But all too often, when it comes to money, emotions take over and we let our logical thinking go down the drain. For just the moment of spending though, because guilt and regret often set in not too long afterwards. We feel terrible for what we did with our finances, because we should know better. So to ease the discomfort, we spend some more. And so the cycle is created.

Money. So vital in our world, and yet it is the one thing that drives all of us up the wall at any given time. We never seem to have enough, and even if we have a lot, we still seem to run short. That is why bookstores have complete sections for books on finances. Wealth building and other financial seminars draw hordes of people. Every phone rings off the hook for companies that will help out with debt consolidation, and they also fill up your mailbox every day. And you can just open a phonebook to find multiple listings for some kind of financial help. Amazingly enough it seems as if the amounts of money we look at are not the determining factor for the size of the financial trouble. There are soo many people that make plenty of money, that are still in debt up to their eyeballs. And all the books, seminars, counselors and debt consolidators tell us that we should be more like this, think more like that, act more like whatever. Now don't get the wrong idea, because it is important to understand how money works. But after the seminar or the counseling session life comes around, and most people fall back into our old habits. Because that is just who we are, aren't we?! I should be able to live how I want to live, and buy what I want to buy for myself. And the opposite party, the credit card companies and loan sharks, tell you the same thing.

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