You May Kiss The Bride

Free From Bondage Ministry

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010, "Free From Bondage Ministry"

All rights reserved. However, this book, and/or parts thereof may at all time be reproduced in any form without permission, as long as it is without alterations and/or modifications, or to re-sell or make profit from this book or parts thereof, or in any other way commercialize it. Thank you for respecting the hard work of Free From Bondage Ministry.

Free From Bondage Ministry has published many books for your benefit. First a series of nineteen short books, on many different subjects. These books are called "God's manual on........". We want to inform the readers that the basic concept in this series of nineteen books is the same in each and every of these book in the “God's manual on....” series, with just a slight emphasis on the subject at hand. In this series, you will find a lot of repetition from one book to another with one basic concept that needs to be understood before moving on to other Free From Bondage materials.

Once you understand the basic concept, we recommend to start on our other books, MP3's and our weekly newsletter. They will provide in depth information on that basic concept.

As I have received many comments on my writing style and grammar, I do want to make every reader aware in advance that English is not my language of origin. Please do not let the current absence of a professional editing service be your reason for discarding the Free From Bondage Ministry messages. After all, my weakness, His strength. If you let my weakness in the English language discourage you from learning more about God's will, then just guess “ Who is telling you....” to be discouraged. Besides that, Christ told us to go and make disciples. He did not tell us we had to be perfect in the English language before we could go and do that.

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