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You May Kiss The Bride


"Yeah, I love him / her. But right now......” Have you ever felt like that? That sense of a love / hate relationship. Can't live with him / her, but can't live without him / her. And one day from the next, one or the other side is stronger. When our partner in our marital relationship has this effect on us, we react. Because he / she did say this or that, he / she did do this or that, and he / she is just like this or that. Even if the words are never spoken, tension and friction within marriage are almost always based on them. Our spouse doing or saying things that trigger a response within us, and our response in turn evokes another response. And so the cycle is created.

Marriage. So vital in our world, and yet it is the one thing that drives all of us up the wall at any given time. That is why bookstores have complete sections for books on how to keep a healthy marriage. Marriage seminars draw hordes of people. Every phonebook has multiple listings for marriage counselors. And all they tell us that we should be more like this, think more like that, act more like whatever, so that we can get along with our spouse. Now don't get the wrong idea, because it is important to learn that women think and function differently then men. And that people have different personality styles. But after the seminar or the counseling session life comes around, and we all fall back into our old habits. Because that is just who we are, aren't we?! I should be able to be myself, he or her should just take me for who I am!!! And the opposite party, who annoys the "you know what" out if you, says the same thing. But you still married him / her because of love. What happened?

And then we try to find deeper seated answers by going to a Christian seminar, a Christian counselor, read Christian books. After all, Christianity sets a very strong standard when it comes to marriage. Marriage is a sacred bond, where man and woman are meant to be one for live, not just for the "oh, I am so madly in love period". And yes, if we would all be more like Jesus, we would all be great in our marriage. And we try, and try, and try some more.

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