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I Am Not Worthy


"I could never be that.......". Or another one just like it; "I am not worthy for.......", or "That nice guy / gal would never look at someone like me........". Or how about the: "I am a failure, not made for success, not that attractive, less....... than anyone..... period".

We could probably write a whole book on all the different phrases on how we compare ourselves to others. Now comparing ourselves with others is never a very good idea. But most of us still tend to do it on a very regular basis. So we do want to address this issue.

When comparing ourselves with others, there are two ways to compare. In one way we place ourselves on a pedestal, which we will discuss in another book. The other way is to down grade ourselves. The common language for that is “low self esteem”. And it is one of those things that the average person will experience in one way or the other.

So why, if there are so many issues that we could discuss as a ministry, would we want to focus on low self esteem. Well, several reasons. First and foremost because, as that bumper sticker says, “God don't make no junk”. We are after all created in His image. So feeling unworthy, is against our basis for creation, and therefore against the law of God. Second of all, low self esteem is the kind of issue on which many other sins are based on, and if you wonder about what sins that would be, start thinking. Just consider the basis for addictions, eating disorders, even suicide. Do you think God wants you to get involved in these issues? So then these are sins, because they are against the law of God. And thirdly because it is such a wide spread issue, affecting so many people, that we feel it is needed to discuss it in a book of it's own

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