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I Am Not Fat, I Am Just Fluffy


"I shouldn't have eaten that.....". Or another one just like it; "Oh, that one extra serving won't hurt.....", or "I will exercise tomorrow......". Or how about the: "This diet will do it for me.....". And over time we find ourselves in the vice grip of being overweight and out of shape. Because of the extra weight we carry, and being out of shape, it is tough to not gain more weight. Working out seems to get harder the more pounds have to be carried along. New years resolutions and diets look good initially, but that a few months into the process we are starting to run behind again. Somewhere inside we know that we should be able to do better. But all too often, when it comes to food and exercise, emotions take over and we let our healthy thinking go down the drain. For just the moment of the taste though, because guilt and regret often set in not too long afterwards. We feel terrible for what we did with our health because we should know better. So to ease the discomfort, we eat some more and skip an exercise routine. And so the cycle is created.

But there is another cycle, that is just as much a problem as obesity. There are many people that are at a healthy weight, or maybe even too skinny, that have an obsession with exercise and eating right. In numerous cases the eating right has even defaulted to eating unhealthy little. And exercise has taken over life up to unhealthy levels. Those that are obese often envy these people, but realize that the cycle can be just as devastating on the long run.

A healthy weight. A healthy view on food and exercise. So vital in our world, and yet it is the one thing that drives many of us up the wall at any given time. And in many nations it is an epidemic problem. That is why bookstores have complete sections for books on diet, exercise and weight loss. Weight loss products, surgeries and seminars draw hordes of people. And you can just open a phonebook or turn on the TV to find some kind of diet company that promises the world. Amazingly enough it seems as if the amounts of support we can get is not the determining factor for loosing the excess of pounds. There are soo many people that spent their money on any solution that comes around, and they are still struggling with obesity. And all the books, seminars, counselors and diet programs tell us that we should move more like this, eat more like that, think more like whatever, count our calories and we all can probably think of another handful of suggestions. Now don't get the wrong idea, because it is important to understand how the body works when it comes to weight loss. But that is actually so simple. Eat less, exercise more, keep doing it. But after the diet, the seminar or the counseling session life comes around, and most people fall back into our old habits. Because that is just who we are, aren't we?! I should be able to live how I want to live, and eat what I want to eat. And the opposite party, the food industry tells you the same thing.

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