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High Planes Drifters

Call Me Angel”

Blessing In Disguise

The Female Paul Revere


High Planes Drifters

by Rob Riser

The house in Connecticut, where I grew up, had an odd side. Prankish spirits ran the place. At night they often ran across the floorboards—on the undersides—just for fun. These pranksters especially enjoyed hiding important family belongings in ridiculous places. I once reclaimed my nearly memorized copy of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island from a corner of the house’s never-used coal bin.

Perhaps these spirits considered it their job to keep us entertained. Then again, perhaps our human egos simply overlooked what the real situation was…and is.


One late afternoon in September of 1966, when I was home alone and about to take a bath, our kitchen down the hall became the center of riotous noise. Two times I ran to the kitchen and two times, as I reached the doorway, the noise slammed to an eerie silence. And each time I returned to my bath the all-consuming noise raised itself exponentially in volume. Very annoying and very weird. But the weirdest was yet to come.

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