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Queen Green Undercover

The Java Jump N' Jive

David and Linda Broughton, Davlin Press, Smashwords Edition.

Revised edition copyright, 2010, David and Linda Broughton

Original copyright 2008, David and Linda Broughton

All characters are fictional; any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental. No part of this work may be copied or transmitted in any form without the expressed permission of the authors. All rights reserved by the remaining author.

In Loving Memory of Linda Broughton, my wife, my true love, my companion, and inspiration. I miss you, Babe.

Chapter 1

Roberta perks up as a black van pulls up near the warehouse she's keeping watch on. Another van, and a large U-Hallzit truck park behind the first van. At least twelve men, all dressed in black get out of the vans. They're all toting rifles of some sort, it's difficult to tell exactly in the nearly dark conditions, but they're definitely heavily armed. One of the men is doing something to the large door of the warehouse, she can't tell what, the van partially blocks her view from the top of the warehouse across the alley from the one they're interested in. The men back away suddenly. Boom, crash, kathunk! The door to the warehouse is blown inward.

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